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Lehmann Lab

Section of Soil and Crop Sciences

Lehmann Lab

Research and Teaching Program

In the Lehmann Lab, we work on soil biogeochemistry, nutrient and carbon cycling in managed and natural ecosystems. Our investigations span a broad range of ecosystems and include nano-scale observations of soil microaggregates and pyrogenic carbon particles to the global carbon cycle. Biochar research includes basic insights into its behavior in soil, effects on plant growth, microbial composition and dynamics, as well as life-cycle assessment of greenhouse gas emissions or water quality and economics. We run a test kiln in the Cornell Pyrolysis program, conducting research on many aspects of pyrolysis systems from bioenergy to new biomaterials, agronomy and soil science, environmental remediation, economics and social sciences.

Current Research Themes

Current research themes

Soil organic matter images
Soil organic matter properties and carbon sequestration
biochar via electron microscopy
fire raging through forest
Pyrogenic carbon properties and global cycles
african farmer with bags of phosporous fertilizer
Nutrient recycling: from waste to value
artist karin bonnevale listening to soil
Art and Sciences


Previous Research Themes

bizarre red tropical fruit on tree
adobe catchement ponds
Runoff irrigation


The group

The groupThe Lehmann Group in Fall 2019


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